Hello all of you WILDAZZ GIRLS!!! My name is Bill, the creator of a really cool logo and brand for you ladies to check out!!! This has been 13 years in the making! I met my wife (Cathy) 7 years ago it took her a minute to figure me out, a welder interested in designing Women’s Clothes? Shook her head and jumped in with both feet! It took more than just the two of us though! I mentioned it to my Brother-in-Law (Sully) a true salesman, and I’m happy to say, after looking at the idea and vison I have, he was onboard too! Our design is to create fun clothes for women to wear saying YES I am a WILDAZZ GIRL!! Look at me! That's where the newest Addition to our family comes in! As you can see all of our art design is hand drawn by Liz. Her artwork is beautiful. She loves the idea of all of you “Wildazz Girls” wearing her art!

My vision for WILDAZZ CLOTHING COMPANY is to create a brand of clothing that all young women have fun wearing and feel good about yourselves. Whatever it is you do, whether it's barrel racing, basketball, softball, volleyball, surfing etc.!  We want something for you!!! Then shout it Loud and Proud!!!


Thank You

Bill Mosier